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Since I have been reading one book a week, my sleep has improved and my hernia has resolved."
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Avant-garde art in Ukraine, 1910–1930: a memory worth fighting for

Reading a fine art book that only has 15 pages of pictures, a special tab inside the book, is a mockery. I need to see examples, I need to see the product itself, not read facts about who went where, when and why. It is unlikely that you will remember anything from a book without examples. Therefore, you can not buy.
Star 4/10 | No worries 7/10

Textbook of survival in extreme situations. Experience of special units of the world

Peter Darman Unfortunately, the war was hyped. Errors on almost every page. Even a space was often forgotten. They were in a great hurry to quickly print and sell for the sake of money. The book seems to have simply reprinted various articles from Wikipedia. On the one hand, the information seems to be useful, but everything is crumpled, chaotic and presented in such a way that it will not stay in your head.
Star 4/10 | No worries 10/10

Mood therapy

David Burns I recommend it to those who are struggling with their depression. The advantage of CBT is that therapists try to teach a person to cope with their problems on their own. The book will be understandable to anyone. Although it will be interesting, maybe only the first 30 percent of the book.  
Star 6.9/10 | No worries 10/10
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